The Artero Detox Mask is an ideal compliment to any bathing routine where you not only want to moisturize the coat but also remove pollution and toxins from the skin and coat.

Containing activated Charcoal with its great absorption qualities, eliminates toxins, impurities, traces of grease and dirt.  Deeply cleansing; leaving the coat clean and shiny.



Formulated with Aloe Vera and Rosehip that together achieve a unique moisturizing, repairing, anti-inflammatory and healing result. Rosehip seed oil, which keeps the skin well nourished, provides elasticity, reduces redness, irritation and itching. Aloe Vera, which refreshes and repairs the skin.

Vitamin complex enriched with proteins, which maintains the natural balance of the skin and creates a protective barrier against toxins.


*Add it together with your basic grooming, full grooming or creative grooming service for an additional cost. Price varies according dog's size.